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4 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Earbuds

4 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Earbuds

If you’ve ever owned earbuds long enough to see or hear them fall apart, you know how frustrating it can be to work with faulty technology. You should never listen to a distorted, compromised source as a music fan. Therefore, you should always look out for these four signs you need to upgrade your earbuds.

1. They Distort at High Volumes

You probably already know that you shouldn’t listen through your earbuds at a very high volume. Doing so will eventually damage your hearing. However, you want your earbuds to have the ability to achieve those volumes and maintain their quality. If your earbuds become more distorted the higher you raise the volume, that’s a sign it’s time to move on to a new pair.

2. The Audio Controls Don’t Work Well

Another sign you need to upgrade your earbuds is that the volume controls have lost their quality. You want your volume to adjust immediately, and you don’t want to go through repeated attempts to pause, skip, or play tracks. If the audio controls are failing you, you shouldn’t put up with the subpar experience. Get a new pair of earbuds that match your needs.

3. They Hurt Your Ears

There’s no reason to suffer through a pair of earbuds that hurt your ears. Even if you just purchased them, there’s no point in continuing with the pain if you can tell they cause discomfort.

4. Their Performance Deteriorates Over Time

This is a bit of a catch-all reason to get new earbuds. If you notice your earbuds malfunctioning, it’s time to get a replacement. Examples of earbud malfunctions include Bluetooth that doesn’t pair, batteries that drain very quickly, and audio that comes through only faintly. If you experience any of these problems or problems like them, you should move on. You can consider hi-fi earphones as a replacement. Check TTAudio to see our wonderful selection.

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