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4 Tips for Improving Your Music Listening Experience

4 Tips for Improving Your Music Listening Experience

Music is one of the most immersive art forms. Just listen to one track, and suddenly, you’re in a completely different world. It’s intoxicating, really. Once you’ve caught that music bug, nothing can stop you from looking for new ways to make it more transformative. If you relate to this, you can read along to learn four tips for improving your music listening experience.

1. Learn an Instrument

The evidence for this is only anecdotal, but trained musicians often say that learning an instrument gave them a deeper appreciation for music. By understanding the intricacies of a song and learning what makes it all work, musicians have another layer of respect for the art form that regular people don’t possess, much like how mechanics are more sensitive to car construction than the average driver.

2. Relisten

Research tells us that we often do not like new things initially but grow to like them over time by exposing ourselves to them again and again. This “mere-exposure effect” explains how music tends to sound better after multiple listens.

Our brains are constantly seeking patterns. Once we’re familiar enough with a song or album to predict what comes next, we become much more comfortable with the work as a whole.

3. Get Better Headphones

Sometimes a change in how you deliver the music to your ears is all you need to enjoy seismic changes in its quality. With products like the Tin HiFi T2, you can enjoy a beautiful treble with a tight, controlled bass. Other headphones can offer features like noise cancellation, high-resolution sound, low treble, and much more. As you get better acquainted with how you prefer to listen to music, you can become savvier at shopping for the right pair of headphones.

4. Meditate

A 2013 study from the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance outlined that students who went through 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation were more focused and engaged with an opera segment. It seems that meditation can put people “in the zone.” They can enter an alert state where they’re more receptive to music. Though meditation can be beneficial for several reasons, we want to highlight its ability to entrance song listeners on this list of four tips for improving your music listening experience.

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