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5 Simple Things That Can Make Your Headphones Last Longer

5 Simple Things That Can Make Your Headphones Last Longer

Have you recently bought a new pair of headphones? A quality pair of Hi-Fi headphones can be a sizable purchase, and you want that investment to pay off and last. Make sure your headphones work and sound great for the long haul by following these five simple things that can make your headphones last longer.

Keep Them Clean

The simplest thing you can do to ensure your headphones last is to keep them clean. Earwax, sweat, dirt, dust, and all sorts of things can build up on headphones and cause long-term damage if not properly removed. This may seem obvious, but it's the most important advice we can offer.

If you use your headphones every day, give them a quick clean at least once a day. It doesn't take much; a sanitary wipe or a dampened cloth with some alcohol will help keep your headphones clean and sanitized.

Handle the Cables With Care

If your headphones have cables, we understand how annoying they can sometimes be. Nonetheless, it’s best to handle your headphone cables with care so that you don't damage the internal wiring.

Avoid tightly wrapping them up and stuffing them into your pocket, which can put added stress and pressure on the internal wiring. If your wires get tangled, take the time to untangle them and store them as loosely as you can.

Don't Yank the Cord

You've probably yanked the cord out of the jack when you were in a hurry at some point. It may not seem like a big deal, but doing this over and over can damage the internal wiring and harm the connection between the cable and jack. Always grab the cable by the connection point and deliberately remove it from the jack instead.

Avoid Moisture

Unless your Hi-Fi earphones are specifically waterproof, moisture is their arch-nemesis. Whenever you can, avoid it. This means that you shouldn’t use them when exercising or performing other strenuous activities. Keep them out of the rain and snow, and don't wear them near the beach, as the humidity can take a toll on them.

Replace Headphone Pads

If your headphones have pads, they're going to absorb moisture from sweat, water, and humidity in the air over time. After years of use, pads can become dry and brittle, cracking and peeling. If you feel your headphone pads are uncomfortable, replace them sooner rather than later. The same goes for designs with earbud tips; you should replace the soft tips when they become worn out.

Everyone knows that Hi-Fi headphones can be substantial investments for many people and critical to their jobs. These five simple things can make your headphones last longer so that you don't have to spend your hard-earned money on devices that break down too soon.

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