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High-Quality Headphones: 5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy

High-Quality Headphones: 5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy

Looking for new headphones but not sure what to get? Well, it might be because you don’t know what you’re looking for in headphones and what your needs are. Before you decide on a new pair of headphones, ask these five questions. Doing so will help narrow your focus.

What Will I Use These Headphones For?

First, you should ask yourself why you’re buying high-quality headphones and what you will be using them for. Do you want headphones for recreationally listening to music and podcasts, or are you going to use them in a professional setting like audio mixing, DJing, or playing instruments?

There’s a big difference between recreational headphones and professional ones, and you don’t want to get headphones that won’t serve your needs. Also, consider whether you’ll be working out with these headphones. If so, you probably want sweat or waterproof headphones that won’t get damaged from moisture.

Does Style Matter?

How important is the look of the headphones for you? If you’re going to be using the headphones for strictly functional reasons, then you probably don’t care so much about how they look. Stylish headphones tend to be more expensive, so if quality audio is all you’re after, then a pair of plain black headphones will do the trick.

In-Ear or Earbuds?

There’s a big difference between in-ear monitors and earbuds, even if they look similar. Before you choose one or the other, familiarize yourself with what in-ear monitors and earbuds each have to offer, whether that’s enhanced noise isolation or comfort.

Wired or Wireless?

Choosing between wired or wireless also primarily comes down to your use of new headphones. If you’re going to use them to listen to music at home casually, wires aren’t a big deal. If you’re playing instruments, DJing, or exercising with your headphones, then a wireless Bluetooth-compatible set is the way to go.

How Much Bass Do I Want?

How much bass are you looking for in your headphones? Most headphones support a frequency range, which is how bass and treble in headphones are measured, between 20-20,00HZ. Other headphones, such as the Moondrop Starfield, can go up to 36,000HZ for those who want to kick up the bass on their music while listening.

High-quality headphones can be a significant investment, so doing your research before buying is critical. It’s essential not only to research headphones, but also to take stock of why you want new headphones so you can narrow your focus. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of what you’re looking for in high-quality headphones by asking these five questions before you buy.

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