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Universal vs. Custom Fit IEMs: Which One Is Right for You

Universal vs. Custom Fit IEMs: Which One Is Right for You

Universal in-ear monitors (IEMs) are the earbuds that most people are familiar with. They come with several earbud sizes, and the consumer can decide which one works best for their ears.

Custom fit IEMs, however, are a little different. To receive custom fit IEMs, one must send a mold of their ear canal to a company. They will later receive earbuds perfectly shaped for their ears in the mail. Both these options are wildly different. You should read on to discover if universal or custom fit IEMs are right for you.

Advantages of Universal IEMs

Manufacturers of universal in-ear monitors (IEMs) try to make them comfortable for most ear canals. They are typically sold with ear tips of various sizes. Customers can find the most secure fit for themselves among several choices. One of the greatest advantages of universal IEMs is they do not require the impressions and wait time seen in custom fit IEMs.

Advantages of Custom Fit IEMs

Audiophiles mostly enjoy custom fit IEMs. It takes someone truly invested in music to appreciate the tight fit that comes from earbuds made specifically to match their ears. You can decide whether universal or custom fit IEMs are right for you based on how much you need to isolate yourself from outside noise. If your work requires deep focus, custom fit IEMs might be your best option. They rarely slip out, which is good for people who like to run or swim with their earbuds in. Also, custom fit IEMs make excellent fits for people with asymmetrical ears.

Disadvantages of Universal IEMs

Universal IEMs come with their own list of disadvantages. Their primary critique is they do not tightly squeeze into the user’s ears. People wearing universal IEMs are more likely to hear the outside noise. Furthermore, users need to frequently clean and replace the tips of universal IEMs.

Disadvantages of Custom Fit IEMs

Custom fit IEMs might be too much work for some people. If you purchase custom fit IEMs, you must procure a mold of your ear canal, send the mold to the earphone manufacturer, and then wait upwards of a month to receive your earbuds. This is a long, involved process for something most people can easily buy at the store.

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