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Shuoer Singer

Shuoer Singer

A very short opinion on the Singer IEM

Pros: Good vocals, Booming Bass excellent build with retro looks and nice case.
Cons: Mids are very recessed, the tuning may not be for everyone. A somewhat lackluster performance in a super competitive price range.

Opening the box one sees a very nice case inside the Singer earphones and cable. in a side pouch one finds an adapter for the L shaped balanced 2.5mm plug. It includes a nice variety of tips from silicone, foam to natural rubber.

Sound: Is a very irregular V shaped signature that can be very enjoyable with certain music.
Depending on the filter, the treble has a very fast roll-off and also can be a bit spiky. Mids are more recessed than the usual v shape yet the vocals are forward and clear. The Bass is monstrous with a thump and a almost angry response.

I like the build, the look, the accessories and yes for certain kinds of music the singer is enjoyable to a point.

This is my simplified opinion, the Singer will be hit or miss with most people, I personally like this IEM but its not on my top anything list, just can see the attraction for some.

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