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Tin HiFi P1

Tin HiFi P1

The presentation of this iem is top-notch. When unboxing this set, you are met with a tasteful display featuring the TIN P1 accompanied by a premium faux leather case. Accessories include silicone tips of various sizes, foam tips and an acceptable pure copper cable.

Build quality is excellent, although I thought the TIN HiFi T3’s cable was a little better. What comes included with the P1’s isn’t far behind in terms of quality.

Comfort is excellent. With the angular shape of the P1's, I imagine it would fit most ears.

The soundstage is very interesting. While not overly wide, the sound seems to come from everywhere inside your head, creating an almost 3D effect. Thus imaging is excellent.

The highs are one of my favourite traits of this unit. The P1 has excellent clarity and separation without being overly harsh.

The mids are phenomenal. Similar to the treble, the P1's provide a high level of detail, clarity and separation with a touch of warmth added. It's probably the best vocal presentation of any iem tested so far.

Bass is not overly enhanced but rather neutral in its presentation. The low end is outstandingly detailed with a rapidness that provides an overall tight sound. The layering is also notable.

Overall the TIN HiFi P1’s are an extremely transparent and neutral sounding iem that highlights every frequency with great detail and separation. To a degree, that’s befitting of a much more expensive pair of iems.

Although most sources can drive the P1’s, they tend to scale better with an amplifier or good dap to get the best sound possible. The more power pumped into these, the more magic you will get out of them.

The P1 is a shining example of reference class earphones at a reasonable price, definitely my favourite for critical listening or enjoying the details.

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