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HiFi Digital Audio Players

It has never been easier to carry around such a large selection of music to listen to than with TTAUDIO’s portable HiFi music players. We’re dedicated to providing musicians and audiophiles with high-fidelity audio products of all kinds, including digital audio players (DAPs).

Our HiFi digital audio players allow you to easily store and play back high-resolution music and media files in a wide variety of digital formats. Our DAPs provide excellent performance and sound quality for all high-resolution audio files when compared with other portable music players.

Whether you’re a professional or a casual music lover, we have HiFi digital audio players perfect for your needs. Browse our selection of portable HiFi music players and find one for yourself or a friend today.


  • Hidizs AP80 Pro - TTAUDIO

    Hidizs AP80 Pro


    The Hidiz AP80 Pro is a high-definition lossless, portable audio player. Equipped with a powerful Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) powered by two ...

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