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7HZ Timeless

by 7HZ
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Powered by a 14.2mm planar driver and encased in aviation aluminum, the 7HZ Timeless makes an impressive presentation. Weighing just 5 grams each, these IEMs are comfortable enough to wear for extended periods and have an exceptional sound quality that will keep you eagerly listening.

The Timeless offers exceptional sub-bass, providing plenty of room for extended rumbling, booming, and powerful low frequencies that will keep bass heads happy. However, the mid-bass is at times eschewed by the power of the sub-bass, which can create more of a boom than a punch.

Mid-range is well presented, with a wonderful separation between instruments and vocals. Vocals are brought to life with an expansive midrange and a crispy, well-tuned treble that never robs lead instruments or vocals of their sparkle. The high end is well represented with plenty of extension to give tracks air, shimmer, and treble brilliance. 

Though not the widest soundstage, the 7HZ Timeless creates an immersive listening experience with real depth and resolution.


  • Driver: 14.2mm Planar Magnetic driver
  • Impedance: 14.8Ω
  • Sensitivity: 104dB
  • THD: <0.2%/1kHz
  • Frequency range: 5Hz - 40kHz
  • Interface: MMCX
  • Plug: 3.5mm

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