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Moondrop SSP


The Moondrop SSP has an extremely accurate tuning that shines across the audio spectrum. The low end is substantial without bleeding into other frequencies with a precise, tight, and powerful bass tuned with a slight bass bump.

A richly detailed midrange and treble showcase the Moondrop SSP’s exceptional resolution, allowing you to enjoy every nuance presented on its wide soundstage. The midrange’s high end has a small boost, which can colour the sound of some vocals and instruments.

Well rounded for both production and casual listening, the Moondrop SSP’s manage to provide a mostly neutral tuning for a natural listening experience.


  • Driver: Beryllium-Coated Dome Diaphragm Dynamic Driver + PU Suspension Ring
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Sensitivity: 112dB/Vrms (@ 1kHz)
  • Frequency range: 20Hz - 40kHz
  • Interface: 0.78mm 2 pin
  • Plug: 3.5mm

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