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ThieAudio Monarch [Pre-Order]

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  • Pre-orders are cancellable within 5 business days

The ThieAudio Monarch offers an extremely balanced tuning that accentuates the bass while leaving most of the signal neutral. This gives them an enjoyable and accurate sound perfect for music listening.

Relying on a tuning that sits the mids and treble quite close to neutral reference, the Monarch produces clean and well-defined notes across the frequency spectrum. While powerful and providing soothing sub-bass, the bass manages not to overwhelm and stays crisp and defined, fitting well into the highly accurate and realistic sounds of the mids and highs.

This balanced tuning is backed up by a wide soundstage, making the Monarch exceptional for immersive listening.


  • Drivers: 
    • 1 Dynamic Driver
    • 2 Electrostatic Drivers
    • 6 Balanced Armature Drivers
  • Impedance: 26Ω
  • Sensitivity: 124dB (@ 1kHz)
  • Frequency range: 20Hz - 20KHz
  • Interface: 0.78mm 2 pin
  • Plug: 2.5mm